According to Veyo, a leader in the Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) industry, there are over three and a half million people who have a difficult or impossible time getting to their doctor’s appointments. Many of these people are seniors.  Moreover, many of these seniors have chronic conditions, and serious quality of life issues. The unfortunate result is that many seniors miss appointments because the transport company they rely on sadly did not come through for them.

Common Problems in the NEMT Industry 

The present usefulness of the NEMT industry is inhibited by a decades old logistics model which does not place the patient at the center of the business. For example, the most common form of customer abuse under the current model occurs when drivers arrive to the patients home much too late to take them to their appointment. Anyone with experience dealing with a physician’s office knows the amount of trouble that missed appointments can cause. The doctor’s office may make it an excessive or unacceptable amount of time before the appointment can be rescheduled.

Another problem with the current NEMT system is that far too often, the company does not send the proper professional or vehicle to handle the ride. Imagine a scenario in which senior who is bound to a wheelchair and has been waiting patiently for a ride to their doctor’s appointment finds themselves completely out of luck when a small car or taxi cab arrives that is unable to accommodate wheelchairs. To make matters worse, a driver may be involved who is either untrained to deal with, or unsympathetic toward the senior’s situation.

Ride Share Companies Offer Improved Services

Fortunately, in recent years, NEMT companies have been allying themselves with ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to help transport patients to and from their appointments. The primary benefit of using well known ride sharing companies is simple: they already have a stellar track record of integrating technology into the customer experience, which goes a long way toward placing the patient first in the entire process. Better still, a rideshare provider such as Veyo trains its drivers to deal with patients with physical challenges. Promising to be “The Next Generation of Healthcare Logistics,” Veyo offers a comprehensive solution to today’s NEMT deficiencies which include rampant wasted time, fraud and even abuse. If you are a senior who needs transportation to and from doctor’s appointments, take time to research your options. There may be NEMT providers in your area who have preexisting arrangements with Veyo, Uber and Lyft. You can also check the reliability of your company by looking for online reviews.

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